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Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

And now thge rest of the story. 
        The T wakes up after its fall and shakes its head groggily (good 
word?) the as it sees three paleo types, all about bite size, it snaps up 
the one working on the metatarsals, them, before the others can move Greg 
Paul and Jim Farlow are also devoured, giving T a tremendous stomach 
ache and depriving us of three (I include Tom Holtz) fanatic theropod 
vert paleontologists and making the Dino group far less interesting. 
        I will stay away and watch from an upstirs window, thank you! 

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> A picture comes to mind: An ambush is set for the tyrannosaur coming down the
> street. The tyrant trips over the wire, coming crashing to the ground.  Out of
> the alley way come three fanatical theropod workers, armed to the teeth with
> tape measures and big calipers.  Jim Farlow takes the feet measurements,
> Greg Paul gets the hips and upper leg, and I'll work on the metatarsi,
> natch...
> :-)
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
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