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Re: Sprawl, speed etc

     I don't know if the message I iginally sent got through to the list 
or not.  I might have erased it.
     Dinosaurs are not automobiles.  Auto wheels are sperated by a stiff 
metal axle and cannt shift relative to another for stability, so if you 
are designing a vehicle for uneven terrain, placing them far apart is the 
safest bet.
      An animal has LEGS.  It can move them around and place them 
differently to come with different situations in day to day life.  A 
ceratopsian would not need to have its legs permanently splayed apart.  
If it ran into problems, it could improvise like you or I do running 
down a steep hillside.  Look at a person or a dog jog down a hill, and 
they probably don't look much like sumo wrestlers.      

LN Jeff