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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm a sophomore at Onalaska High School in Onalaska, Washington and part 
of an advanced science class.  I am studying Paleontology and am currently 
developing a science page devoted entirely to that subject 
<http://www.onyed.wednet.edu/sciwed/palentology/index.html>.  This is a 
program that can span the rest of my high school career.  One of the many 
requirements of this program is to do high quality research work.  In 
this program we have the freedom to choose what type of research we would 
like to do.  I am interested in working at a paleontological dig or site 
this summer but would be willing to help with a archaeological site to allow me 
to get 
experience and the skills needed to truly understand all aspects of the 

I have a limited amount of funds and in order to be able to participate I 
would need to be sponsored by an organization or someone else.  I would 
really appreciate any information that you could make available to me.
Thank you,
Jamie Cartwright
555 Pigeon Springs Rd.
Onalaska, WA 98570