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Red Raptor's snout

Before anyone blames the cover illustrator for getting the Utahraptor snout
wrong (he probably did mess up on the forelegs) have a look at the drawings
inside the book (all done by Bakker himself). The side profile on the
'Dramatis personae' at the back of the book has a Utahraptor with a long
flat snout - if anything, slightly longer and flatter than the cover
drawing, and virtually identical to the Deinonychus drawn just above it.
Maybe Bakker thinks it did have this sort of snout (although a couple of the
chapter title illustrations do look somewhat 'boxier'??)?
Someone (Stan Friesen, I think) made the comment " the picture on the cover
sounds more like a dromaeosaur". I thought dromaeosaur was a general term
for a dromaeosaurid (? am I right?) - if so why shouldn't Utahraptor look
like a dromaeosaur - it is! Or does Stan mean Dromaeosaurus itself?
He also commented that the short neck sounds out of place. From Bakker's
illustration again, the neck is very close to the same length as the skull -
does this qualify as short, medium, or what?
Graeme Worth