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T. rex a little bit fast

In a message dated 96-02-07 14:51:38 EST, you write:

>Well, at least we already know that, if it was moving 20 meters/second, it
>>would slide about 14 meters

   If it was going 20 m/s it would be going about 45mph.  Don't you think
that's a little bit 
to high of an acceleration: from stopped to 45mph in the length (and
confines) of an 
alley-way?  Come on, let's get real here : ).
   How, by the way, did you get the Mu of K (co-efficient of Kinetic
Friction) for a _T. rex_ sliding on asphault?  I have no clue why I'm passing
Physics with an A or B, I really have no clue durring most of that class (I
do know you would need a Mu of K for that calculation though).

Peter Buchholz