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> Sankar finds that his Protoavis is embedded within the 
> Ornithothoraces (more derived than Iberomesornis and Sinornis). 
> Apparently his phylogentic analysis is in press, to be published in 
> Palaeontographica.                  Adam Yates     

In his 1991 paper on the crania, Chatterjee ran a data matrix, the whole hog,
and generated a cladogram (I forget the exact details) somewhat different from
the one in 'Archaeopteryx'. This has (this is from memory, so might be a bit
dodgy) _Protoavis_ as an outgroup to _Avimimus_, _Ichthyornis_,
hesperornithiforms and _Gobipteryx_ (I think that's the right branching order).
_Avimimus_ as a true bird really deserved checking out - well, in the character
list, _Avimimus_ had been coded 1 for 'toothed premaxilla'. Unfortunately,
Chatterjee has confused the spiky denticulations on the premaxilla with teeth!
Re-coding and re-running the analysis through PAUP resulted in the spitting out
of a new tree.. though admittedly, only the positions of _Ichthyornis_, the
hesperornithiforms and _Gobipteryx_ were changed.

G.D. - if this doesn't wake you up nothing will! Email me you git!!

Now I'm *not* having a go at Chatterjee. I respect the man, and I'm currently
collecting his works  - they're cool (and Greg did the restorations of

Remember folks, if it weighs more than 4000 kg, eats meat and has a skull the
size of a bath tub, it probably won't ignore you as a potential snack (as the
tour guide at the Tyrell Museum tells).

"What it would do is essentially hook these claws into the prey and essentially
bring it closer to the jaws..."   Now who said that?
One for Mr. Thugosaur: "The.. the lack of humility being displayed before nature
here really.. staggers me"