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> Apparently, forelimb, vertebral, and pelvic characters unite them.  From
> what I've heard, there are Mononykus-type arms in Patagonykus, at least.
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

What I take to be _Patagonykus_ (though perhaps it was meant to be
_Alvarezsaurus_) was illustrated by Ed Hecht in Chiappe's article 'A diversity
of early birds'. It looked just like the restorations so far put out of
_Mononykus_ (well, the feathered ones), and had the monodactyl forelimb.

Anyone know anything about the Libyan giant croc _Stomatosuchus_ Stromer 1925.
Are there existing figures of the restored skull in lateral view?

"Perhaps I ought to go there some time"