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Re[4]: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

     TA DAH!!! (me, again)

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Subject: Re: Re: Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street  
>> Actually, according to Farlow et al.'s model, if it fell while walking (less 
>> then 10 m/s, for example) it would survive.

>     Really?  I thought they said that if a T.rex fell, regardless of how 
>fast it was moving or ven if it was standing still, it would probably be 
>killed. Running fast just increased the likelyhood of this calamity occuring. 

>>Reread the paper.  Depending on the model used, only falls at high speeds 
>>would be fatal.  This is why the suggest that T. rex might have limited 
>>its top speed to 10-15 m/s, rather than risk a fatal fall at 20 m/s, 
>>regardless of whether it was *capapble* of achieving a 20 m/s run.

And just don't even think about twisting while falling, and whether booboo's 
would be less severe if the weight of the fall was taken on the hip or side 
and not the chin.  That leads to the stunt double T rex that knows how to 
take a prat fall.  Can T rexes roll with a fall like a human gymnast?  They 
got 30 feet to fall in and to correct their body position in.

-Betty Cunningham
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