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Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

At 12:15 AM 2/8/96 -0500, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
>Of course, I would also be taking pictures and doing some sketches of the
>downed T rex so I can correct my images.
>On the other hand sounds a little destructive in temrs of investigating
>dinosaurs, animal rights folks would not be happy.

   Soon after Jurassic Park came out, I had this picture in my mind of
animal rights people invading Isla Nublar to protest the dinosaur zoo.  They
would go to the T. rex paddock and join hands, forming a circle around the
T. rex.  They would begin singing "Give Peace a Chance" or "Born Free" or
something.  The T. rex would be very appreciative of the gesture ... that
is, the gesture of giving it a snack.  The T. rex would pick off the animal
rights people one by one, like h'ordeurves.

   This mental picture kept a smile on my face for many weeks.....

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