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theropod pubic boots

I have PDW, which I draw upon extensively (thanks, Greg), but I am 
thinking of another treatment where the author stated that ventral 
muscles attached to the pubic boot worked in opposition to some dorsal 
muscles, imparting a sort of spring-like action analogous to what the 
trunk does in bounding mammals, and increasing the efficiency of running. 
 Does this ring a bell in anyone's head?  I really must remember to write 
these references down at the time I read them!

In PDW, Fig. 4-14 (p. 112), muscles are shown extending upward along the 
anterior margin (or should it be cervical or cranial margin?) of the 
pubis of _Tyrannosaurus_, originating along nearly the entire stretch 
from the boot to near the position of the acetabulum, whereupon it bends 
and extends caudally across the acetabular portion of the pubis.  Then it 
disappears.  Where does it go?

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