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Re: Dino feathers=Ptero fur?

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, T. Mike Keesey wrote:

> Also, what non-theropod (or phytodinosaurian) skin impressions are 
> known (besides the hadrosaur mummy)?

        Titanosaurs, nodosaurs, etc. were armored of course. Hypsilophodon, 
armored perhaps. The AMNH duckbills (Edmontosaurus or whatever it is now) 
and Corythosaurus. There's some stuff from the neck of a diplodocid showing 
small spines in the skin, and a sort of zig-zag  skin crest on the dorsal 
midlineof another diplodocid, like this-> ^^^^^^^. Chasmosaurus has small
bumps with larger, polygonal scutes set into its hide. 
        Arctometatarsialian has been used about 500 times, but could 
somebody please define it? And did those cladograms actually put T. rex 
closer to modern birds than Archaeopteryx, or was I misreading that?