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Re: Re: Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

>>> Actually, according to Farlow et al.'s model, if it fell while walking (less
>>> then 10 m/s, for example) it would survive.
>>     Really?  I thought they said that if a T.rex fell, regardless of how 
>>fast it was moving or ven if it was standing still, it would probably be 
>>killed. Running fast just increased the likelyhood of this calamity occuring.
>Reread the paper.  Depending on the model used, only falls at high speeds
>would be fatal.  This is why the suggest that T. rex might have limited its
>top speed to 10-15 m/s, rather than risk a fatal fall at 20 m/s, regardless
>of whether it was *capapble* of achieving a 20 m/s run.

Is this paper on the Net anywhere?
Or can someone give a more detailed explanation?

Ed Seidl