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Re: Re: Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

> Is this paper on the Net anywhere?
> Or can someone give a more detailed explanation?

     Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
     Vol. 15, Number 4, 27th Decemeber, 1995
     "Body mass, bone 'strength indicator,' and cursorial potential of 
     _Tyrannosaurus_ _rex_"
     James O.Farlow, Matt B. Smith, and John M. Robinson

     The paper basically gives a new mass estimate of 5,400-6,300 kg for 
T.rex (I converted this to lbs but can't remeber what the value was) and 
speed estimate of about 10-15 meters/second (I think about 20-30 mph.  
My math sucks).     

LN Jeff