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Re: Dino feathers=Ptero fur?

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Nicholas J. Pharris wrote:

>    _ _
>   | | |
>   | | |
>  / / \ \
>  |_|_|_|
> (cranial view of left metatarsus)

        THANK YOU!!!! Actually, that would have been my first guess, and 
I was even looking at the ornithomime foot description in Dinosauria, but 
I couldn't find a use of the term. 

> To answer your second question:  
> Yes, based on foot and braincase features, I believe arctomets (including 
> _Tyrannosaurus_) to be more closely related to modern birds than 
> _Archaeopteryx_, although Tom and George, just to name a few, disagree.

Okay, so I was reading you right. I assume you mean that they're 
secondarily flightless, rather than a second evolution of flight. 
        On the subject of T. rex running- it doesn't really make much 
evolutionary sense for an animal to be able to run faster than it safely 
can or would. It would seem to make about as much sense as paying for a big 
250 horsepower outboard and putting it on a little rubber raft, and never 
going full-throttle because you know you'd kill yourself if you tried- 
it'd be wasteful, and that's one thing selection takes care of pretty 
quickly. One would think that T. rex probably used all the speed it 
evolved to have. 
        -Nick L.