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Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

Wow, the title of this thread reminds me of a very strange
book I saw in the bookstore today.  The book is "dinopix" by
Teruhisa Tajima, a Japanese photographer.  This book
literally has actual photos of T. rex walking down a 
modern-day street!

The author explains that he was captivated by dinos
after visiting the Tyrrell Museum, and set out to go 
and search for live dinos to photograph.  Not finding
any, he then settled for applying digital photography
techniques to superimpose images of dinosaur models in
life-like poses onto images of real modern landscapes.

The result is a truly bizarre coffee book of full-page
photos with captions like "Brachiosaurus on Route 15"
and "Ceratosaurus in an abandoned oil field".  The photo
of an Ankylosaurus crossing some railroad tracks is kinda
cute.  Some of them look clearly like plastic dinos
enlarged and superimposed, but a few are reasonably
convincing if you don't look too closely.  Accompanying
the photos are some fake stats about the dino.  For
example in one photo, a Brachiosaur's age is given 
as "130 years"; in another, a T. rex is described
as "ferocious, but never attacks human beings".  I
guess the author hasn't seen JP.

Reactions from people on this list to the book would 
probably range from wry chuckles to rolling eyes to
snorts of disgust, but in any case a source of amusement.
And, if you're very good at making up outlandish
stories with a serious deadpanned expression, you
can probably convince small children and the most
gullible of your friends that the photos are real.

I recommend checking it out!

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!
achut@sun.com, achut@troodon.isp.net