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 dated 96-02-09 03:15:19 EST, longrich@phoenix.Princeton.EDU
(Nicholas R. Longrich) writes:

>> Yes, based on foot and braincase features, I believe arctomets (including 
>> _Tyrannosaurus_) to be more closely related to modern birds than 
>> _Archaeopteryx_, although Tom and George, just to name a few, disagree.
>Okay, so I was reading you right. I assume you mean that they're 
>secondarily flightless, rather than a second evolution of flight. 

With this I would certainly agree. But the more advanced cursorial
tyrannosaurians, or tyrannosaurids, represent a completely different
direction in theropod evolution from the usual birds _or_ the
archaeopterygiforms (archaeopterygids + dromaeosaurids) _or_ the