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[*] Scholarships Available [*]

Progress Scholarships(r)                                                     
P.O. Box 132                                                                 
Deer Park, NY  11729                                                         
                          Progress Scholarships(r)                           
                      [Scholarship Placement Services]                       
Dear Sir or Madam:                                                           
        We are writing this letter to inform you of a new method of          
providing financial aid to students wishing to further advance their academic
careers.  It applies to both high school graduates, and students wishing to  
advance in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, masters, research, or even 
religious study.  Progress Scholarships is an organization comprised of      
researchers that will find scholarships for which a person is eligible for   
based on their fields of study and qualifications.                           
        As you can see, there is a file attached to this message.  The file  
named SCHOLAR.EXE is a PC program that will print a scholarship application.    
The application asks the student to mark off the fields of study that he or  
she is interested in, and also his or her qualifications.  Our research team 
then searches thousands of potential scholarships and prepares a free, 
scholarship analysis report.                    
        If there appears to be 'gibberish' at the end of this message, it is
probably because your mailer is not capable of recognizing attached files.  
If this is the case, or you do not have access to a PC platform to run the
program, please reply to this message and we will find another way to send
you an application.  A printed application can be obtained by sending a
postcard to the address at the start of this message.
        Don't pass up the thousands of dollars in potential scholarship money
that could be obtained by you or someone you know.  The opportunity is here, 
take advantage of it.                                                        
                                       Progress Scholarships                 

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