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Re: theropod skin

In a message dated 96-02-08 21:52:22 EST, Darren Tanke wrote:

>The astragalus was sawed out and I prepared it. Measurements from it
compared to >the T. rex in Tyrrell galleries indicated the "skin impression
tyrannosaur" (as its
>come to be known locally) was 76% the size of the rex in our (Tyrrell)
>tyrannosaur skin specimen looks much like the small beaded pattern found in

I'm curious about the size of the scales relative to their owner.  What are
the dimensions of the Edmonton specimen's scales?  And for that matter,
what's the femur length (or another measurement) of the Tyrrell's T. rex?
 Can I assume that if the Edmonton T. rex was 76% the size of the Tyrrell
specimen, then its scales would also be 76% the size of the Tyrrell's?

Full of questions, ain't I?

Gary Kerr