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Re: Monolophosaurus

To Whom it May Concern:

Due to an unfortunate disaster on my computer, I recently lost all my
messages from the dinosaur list.  As a result, I'll try to respond as best I

I'd mentioned that Currie's & Zhao's paper on Monolophosaurus had been
published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.  I also said that copies
of the volume were available from the National Research Council of Canada,
and that reprints could also be ordered from a place called UMI.

Somebody (whose name has since vanished from my hard drive) asked about
prices.  The order form in the back of the journal says that the cost is $19
(which I assume are 1993 Canadian dollars).  They accept checks, money
orders, Visa, and Mastercard.  I don't know what the current price is, nor do
I know what UMI charges for reprints.

What a bundle of information I am!

Gary Kerr