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Re: A delicate matter...

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, T. Mike Keesey wrote:

> Okay, this is going to sound kind of weird, so please try to remember 
> that I am just asking this for the sake of scientific accuracy...
> When I draw pictures of dinosaurs, sometimes I wonder if there should be, 
> er, a little something down in the pubic region on the males. I always 
> see pictures with featureless, uh, areas. I think I saw a Bakker 
> illustration of _Ceratosaurus_ with testicles, but that's about it.

Hey, this is as valid a question as any other about dinosaur appearance.  
Let's just not let this one degenerate...

> My question is, what was the probable nature of masculine dinosaur 
> genitalia? I would assume it to be bird-like and crocodile-like, but what is 
> that?  Is it internal? Are the testicles external, like in the Bakker 
> illustration?

As I understand it, as all the genitalia, male and female, are found 
within the body cavity in both crocs and birds, that is generally 
assumed to be the case in non-avian dinosaurs.  In fact, structures on 
the cranialmost chevrons of some dinosaur specimens have been interpreted 
as attachment sites for penis-retractor muscles.

> -T. Mike "I can't believe I'm asking this..." Keesey
> tmkeesey@wam.umd.edu

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