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dinosaur genitalia

 The Tyrrell Museum has a partially prepared and incomplete hadrosaur in its
collections that was collected c.1977. There are lots of skin impressions
preserved from various regions of the body, including the ventral pelvic
region. One of the crew members who collected it felt certain that quote the
"naughty bits" would also be preserved. Around 1987 this person was rehired
on a temporary contract and did more preparation on it in his spare time.
While the cloacal opening was still obscured by hard sandstone matrix on
completion of his contract (and his subsequent moving away), I felt certain
his prediction was correct as skin impressions are running into the in situ
rock from all directions and heading in the right direction for the cloacal
opening. This specimen still needs further preparation to determine whether
this is true or not. 

 Also, I had earlier made a comment about tyrannosaur skin impressions which
a reader replied to as being T. rex skin. I had only stated it was
tyrannosaurid. As coming from the Edmonton, Alberta region (for which the
lower Maastrichtian Edmonton Formation was named (and now called the
Horseshoe Canyon Formation), the specimen predates T. rex. The skin was from
a really large tyrannosaur such as Albertosaurus. The "76% the size of the
Tyrrell T. rex" comparison was meant to give the reader a general idea as to
the relatively large size of the animal the skin impression had come from. 

 Darren Tanke, Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program, Royal Tyrrell Museum
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(403) 823-7131 (fax). Paleo Interests: fossil identification, collection and
preparation, centrosaurine ceratopsians, Upper Cretaceous vertebrate faunas
of North America and East Asia, paleopathology; senior editor on annotated
bibliography of extinct/extant vertebrate dental pathology, osteopathy and
related topics (9,300 entries as of Feb. 7, 1996).