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Re: linguistic analogy

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote,

>Incidentally, this _is_ the way dinosaurs are grouped in _Mesozoic
>Meanderings_ #2. But the operative idea is not to see birds as a kind of
>dinosaur, but theropod dinosaurs as a kind of bird. It's a bit of a paradig=
>shift, is all, one that makes more sense and explains more dinosaur feature=
>(bipedal stance, small forelimbs, scarcity of Jurassic dromaeosaurids,
>dynastic pattern of large-theropod evolution, etc.) than the other way roun=


Do you suggest that there are two lineages of theropods: the line including=
 _Allosaurus_, and another including _Dienonychus_?  I may be completely=
 missing the point, but it seems that Archy's line is being taken out of the=
 theropods proper by the above statement.


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