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> > Birds survived the K-T extinction, while dinosaurs did 
> > not.  
> So what?  Crocodiles survived, too.  eutherians survived, but not 
> multituberculates.

> Nick Pharris

Nick Nick Nick, I *can't* believe you made such a blundering error;-) Surely I
don't need to tell you about the Cainozoic MTB record...

On a related topic, is anyone aware of any mammal _species_ that made it across
the K-T boundary? Some old (?60s-70s) texts state that one of the _Protugulatum_
species is known right across it - this might be the wrong place to ask, but
does anyone know any better?

LASCAUX (for those involved..)

I have !!!*FOUND*!!! a figure depicting the Lascaux 'birdman'. Looks more like
a giant owl... Says 'after Breuil', so is obviously the biz.

"Life's too short to make a mistake, let's think of each other and hesitate"

DARREN 'Hey baby, you can preen my protofeathers anytime' NAISH
Courtesy of a Canadian ethologist....