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Re: List moderation

    G'dday all,
        I can go either way on the moderation thing (now there are 2 
"undecied", how Canadian eh?:-)), But I feel a certain level of 
personal moderation would be in order.

        For example, and I'm not going to name any names, do we 
really NEED a posting that repeats a 1-100 page long message and then 
only tacks a sentence(sometimes not even a complete one) on to the 
end? Instead of posting a bunch of "one liners" for a thread, why not 
save up all the comments and put them under one post with a short 
line of what it's refering to? If writing jokes or messages that are 
directed to basically ONE person, howsabout sending that message to 
just that one person instead of making it public(unless it's a 
matter of saving face)? These are just a few ideas, but they could go 
to some lengths to clearing up some of the "clutter". Let it be known 
that I'm not excluding "joke threads" and the like. I rather enjoyed 
the "gasbag sauropods" and "T-Rex walking down the street" posts and 
think that stuff like that adds some levity and relaxation to what 
would otherwise be a text-book. If you don't want to read a joke 
thread, then just delete your way through them, that's what I do.

    And in the spirit of one heading posts...

    I was at the Calgary Zoo on the weekend for my anthropology 
class, and I had a chance to strole through the Prehistoric Park. 
Much to my surprise, they had taken the spray can to two of the 
dinoaurs. One of them was the Stegosaurus which now sports the 
seemingly standard brown-and-orange-tiger-stripes ala Franzack(sp?). 
The other was the Triceratops, and *choke* MY GOD!!! They butchered 
the poor beast! Imagine if you will... a bluish-grey body, cenment 
grey horns(now thats tough:-)), and a bright "puke-green" frill with 
red spots. I know that we don't know the true colour of dinosaurs, but 
come on! Speaking humanocentrically, thats just horrid colour theory. 

    BTW, they changed one of the labels from Monoclonius(sp?) to 

Cory Gross
Alberta Palaeontological Society
MRC Earth Sciences Society