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Need for Moderation

It is a sad fact that we need moderation of the list. Too many 
individuals forget that the list is not a chat line, or are not aware 
of 'net manners. There has been no need to flood my e-mail with 
frivolous statements and one liners (e.g., the comments that followed 
Brett-Surman's reminding everyone that today is Darwin's Birthday). 
Many comments and messages are clearly meant for a single person, not 
me or the rest of the list. Such messages and comments should be sent 
to that person. Their e-mail address should accompany the original 
message or inquiry. 

It is because of the these inappropriate messages that I read only 
about two or four messages every other day, the rest I delete unread. 
This is unfortunate for you because I undoubtedly miss something 
important you wish for me to consider. However, my time is too 
important to me to sort the wheat from the chaff. Everyone on this list 
has a responsibility to think before they type. Tell me something 
profound to think about, even if it is a different point of view on 
someone's position. Spare me the "Arrrgghhs!" or "I agree!" 

Mickey and I have been in communication and it is this silliness and 
waste of everyone's time that Mickey wishes to moderate, not discussion 
or serious debates (sauropod gas was silly and I deleted that 
discussion unread). If you don't want this moderation, then help 
supervise this list by sending a private e-mail to the 
offender, or go start your own list.

If you wish to communicate directly to me about my comments, fine. 
Please put my name in the subject line, otherwise I will delete your 
message unread. I have other things to do.

Kenneth Carpenter
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Denver Museum of Natural History
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205