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Re: synapomorphies

In a message dated 96-02-13 02:20:55 EST, zooamy@zoo.latrobe.edu.au (Adam
Yates) writes:

>I don't know the distribution of this character. Are hyposphenes-hypantra 
>found in the early small members of each clade? (ie. Coelophysis and 
>Thecodontosaurus, respectively). 

No, they're not.

As for the 
>suites of other characters not supporting Saurischia, I know only one, 
>that supports  the Phytodinosauria (that being broad, leaf shaped teeth).

Numerous characters support a monophyletic Ornithischia + Prosauropoda. For
example, see the following paper for several ornithischian cranial
"synapomorphies" that also occur in prosauropods:

Gauffre, F.-X., 1993. "The prosauropod dinosaur _Azendohsaurus laaroussii_
from the Upper Triassic of Morocco," Palaeontology 34(4): 897?908.