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Re: status of _Anatotitan_

 From: "Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332" <bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu>
 > I am preparing an assignment for my students to tour the AMNH, but I have
 > run into a snag.  THe displays at the AMNH use the species name 
 > _Anatotitan_, which several sources I have checked claim is a nomen
 > dubem. 

Nomen dubium??  For awhile it was a nomen *nudum*, but never a nomen
dubium, as far as I know.

Anatotitan copei is the current correct name for the most often
illustrated "Trachodon" in the older popular literature. It is the
most "duck-billed" of the so called duck-billed dinosaurs. [But
even that isn't very duck-like, especially once you add the cheeks].

This animal is known from at least one complete skull - which is
fully diagnostic for hadrosaurs.

P.S. Anatotitan isn't a species name, it is a genus name, the species
is copei.

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