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ated 96-02-13 09:55:16 EST, bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu (Bonnie
Blackwell, x 3332) writes:

>I am preparing an assignment for my students to tour the AMNH, but I have
>run into a snag.  THe displays at the AMNH use the species name 
>_Anatotitan_, which several sources I have checked claim is a nomen
>dubem.  I don't have _The Dinosauria_ to consult.  Can George or anyone
>let me know what the name should be for the hadrosaurs displayed at the
>AMNH, which look like _Hadrosaurus_ to me.  They are two mounted figurs
>skeletons, obviously non-crested hadrosaurs, with "pits" near their
>thanks in advance

They are the type and paratype of _Anatotitan copei_. The one on all fours is
the type. They're probably not closely related to _Hadrosaurus_, as far as
hadrosaurids go. Their names have a long and intricate history, having
started out as _Diclonius mirabilis_.