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Re: Irritator and the law

In a message dated 96-02-13 14:08:06 EST, swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM (Stan
Friesen) writes:

>Regarding the acquisition of the Irritator specimen:
>In which jurisdiction was the purchase of the specimen made?
>How long ago was the purchase made?
>I am asking because last night I realized that at least in most states
>in the USA the alterations done to it probably constitute either
>fraud or attempted fraud.  If the law where the purchase was made
>is similar, the dealer may be liable to criminal charges, and if the
>statute of limitations has not run out, I think filing charges would
>be a good way to deter such actions in the future.

The type specimen was unearthed in Brazil and is now in a German museum. How
does US law apply here?