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Mesozoic Meanderings #2 prepublication offer

[Although I forgot a couple of things I meant to add to the moderation
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 disagree. -- MR ]


The prepublication offer earlier this year for the third printing
of _Mesozoic Meanderings_ #2 generated a nice batch of sales. But
several persons have recently e-mailed me wondering how to obtain
the book and what it is about. Apparently they had heard of it
but did not actually see the postings. Accordingly, I'm reposting
my offer along with a little progress report. As I continue to
add illustrations and cladograms, the book is verging on 350
pages. There are nearly 800 references in the bibliography, many
from the 1990s. If _MM_ #2/3 _does_ exceed 350 pages, I'll have
no choice but to slap a $40 cover price on it. But meanwhile the
price is still projected as $35, and my prepublication price of
$30 will stand until press time.

As I continue my last pass through the manuscript, I find more
and more places that need rewriting, which (as usual) slows me
down. With about 40 typeset pages of text left to revise, I hope
to have the book done in February, but maybe March is more
realistic. I will e-mail short sections (families, suborders) of the
archosaur tables to anyone who needs to see them before
publication, as long as he or she has already ordered the book.
E-mail me with details of what you need.

Here's a short, historical account of what the book is about:

            Mesozoic Meanderings #2 (third printing)

The first book I ever published in paleontology was a little
listing in systematic order of all the Mesozoic archosaurs except
the crocodylians and birds. This was _Mesozoic Meanderings_ #1,
which appeared in 1978. An updated and corrected version,
produced on my original desktop system in 1991, listed those
archosaurs once again. But by then I had become dissatisfied with
archosaur systematics, so I reclassified the archosaurs my way
and published the whole thing as _Mesozoic Meanderings_ #2, a
200-page book, in a 100-copy printing. This sold out rapidly, and
I returned to press in 1992 with a 272-page second printing of
100 more copies. Now I have transferred the document to my new
desktop system, and I've rewritten most of what has to be
rewritten before I can produce the whopping 350-page third

In the meantime, my dissatisfaction with archosaur classification
has turned into what my wife has persuaded me to call the BCF
theory (Birds Came First), as opposed to the "outdated" BADD
theory (Birds Are Dinosaur Descendants). (See my article in the
June 1994 issue of _Omni_ for a pop-sci account of BCF theory.)

The central thesis of BCF is that birds developed more or less
directly from small, arboreal archosaurs that I call "dino-
birds," and that what we call dinosaurs--particularly theropod
dinosaurs--are the giant, ground-dwelling descendants of those
dino-birds. The clade of plant-eating dinosaurs (brontosaurs and
ornithischians: Phytodinosauria) diverged first, followed
serially by such groups as lagosuchids, herrerasaurids,
ceratosaurids, and so forth, right up to ratite birds and moas.
There is not enough space here to explain everything; pick up the
book for the whole story.

_Mesozoic Meanderings_ #2 serves as a systematic nomenclator for
the Mesozoic archosaurs. Taxonomists should note that, with a few
very difficult-to-find exceptions, the spellings of all the
species names have been checked against the original descriptions
and are better than 99.99% correct. And completeness of the list
well into the 1990s is practically certain.

This prepublication offer, effective from now until the book is
actually printed and in my hands is $30 per copy. Postage is
extra: $3.90 per copy US priority mail; $4.72 per copy for
first-class mail for other North American orders; and $7.55
third-class surface mail for overseas. If you're really hot for
this book and overseas, overseas air mail is $20.00 (egad!).

Send check (in US funds drawn on a US bank, payable to me, George
Olshevsky) for $30 + postage to:

                        George Olshevsky
                 Publications Requiring Research
                 PO Box 543 Central Park Station
                     Buffalo, NY 14215-0543

By way of acknowledging receipt of your order, this will also
bring you a detailed order form for all my currently available
publications and will put you on my mailing list, if you're not
already on it. Don't forget to include your address, etc.!

If you're a subscriber to _Archosaurian Articulations_, your
prepublication price with subscriber's discount is only $24 +
postage. All orders will be filled in the order received; back
orders already prepaid will be filled first.