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Re: phytodinosauria

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 Stang1996@aol.com wrote:

> But, what the Saurischia is is: all the descendants of the most recent
> ancestor of theropods and sauropods; or in other words: dinosauria.  So, the
> saurischia would not be in jeopardy if the phytodinosauria was real.

But if the Saurischia was a synonym of the Dinosauria it would not be 
used because the name  Dinosauria has clear priorty. Besides the name 
Dinosauria has always been associated with both saurischian and ornithischian
 forms, while the concept of Saurischia containing the Ornithischians is a 
strange one. So if the Phytodinosauria is real then the name Suarischia 
should simply be dropped (unless of course you accept paraphyletic taxa....) 

Adam Yates