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Re: Arctometatarsalian

[I've already rejected a couple of messages for having too much
 included text.  This one I thought was borderline.  If you have a
 strong opinion about my choosing to accept it, feel free to state
 said opinion. -- MR]

>The arctometatarsalian condition is the pinched third metatarsal condition
>seen in tyrannosaurids, ornithomimids, troodontids,
>elmisaurids/caenagnathids, Avimimus, and Mononykus (but NOT in
>Archaeopteryx, ornithurine or enantiornithine birds, etc.).

>In the various phylogenies I've cooked up, true Arctometatarsalia (including
>at least Tyrannosauridae, Troodontidae, and Ornithomimosauria) is less
>closely related to birds than are Archaeopteryx or the Dromaeosauridae.  In
>my most recent studies, oviraptorosaurs and therizinosauroids were also
>closer to birds than are the arctomets.

This must mean that the Arctometatarsalian condition was reversed in
Archaeopteryx, ornithurine and enatiornithine birds then reversed again in
more advanced birds. Or have I got something anus pro tops?

Cheers, Paul