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Re: Moderate moderation

     Being as wishy washy as I am, I'll abstain from the moderation vote 
altogether.  I think its unfortunate that the issue needs to come up, but 
if it has that isn't Mickey's fault.  I'm not innocent; I was somewhere 
in the middle of the list he turned out of most gabby people.  
     Before another "posting freedom" stink comes up, I have to note that 
1) This list is something that Mickey sets up and runs free of charge in his 
spare time and he donated space for it that could be being used for another 
purpose.  He could cancel the list altogether instead of putting up with 
this crap. 2) You can send someone, or for that matter everyone, a privite 
message anytime you want without cluttering up the list and 3) Freedom is a 
luxury that can be enjoyed only when people are willing to take personal 
responsibility for themselves.  
     I don't think any of Mickey's criteria will cause anyone serious 
problems as long as a practice some basic high school level composition 
skills.  Editing, tightening up, elaborating on certain things (or 
dropping them altogether if you can't) and all that.  If a thread 
starts you want to respond to, think about it for a while until 
you have a decently thought out response.  Basically, 
don't clutter up everyone's mail unless you got something to say.  

LN Jeff