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DML Omnipedia stuff

   Still doin' some work on the Omnipedia.  Here's some issues:

   The clade Archosauria ("ruling lizards"?) includes the Crocodylia
("???"), Pterosauria ("flying lizard"?), Dinosauria (including Aves),
Thecodontia ("???") and ????

   Ornithodira ("bird ankle"?) includes Dinosauria, Pterosauria and ???

   How's this definition:  Diapsida n. ("two holes in the head"?) clade of
animals distinguished by two temporal fenestrae, consisting of the
Archosauria and ???

   What is the croc type ankle clade called, what orders are in it, and what
does the name translate to?

   (none of the above needs to be all inclusive.  Major groups will do.
Wish I had access to better references.....)

   Is there a feature in saurischians that they do not share with
predentatans?  I've decided to drop Ornithischia in favor of Predentata and
it might be a good idea to drop Saurischia for the same reasons.  What would
be a good name?

   I think I'm going to do a simple, static cladogram for the Omnipedia.
Anybody have web pages with "up to date" cladograms I can put in links to?
Also, in _The Dinosauria_, there's a clade between coelurosauria and
maniraptora that is not identified.  It places the Elmisauridae in this
clade.  Anybody know the name for this clade?

   Kelly Milner-Hals, I lost the address for the Dinotrekking web page.
Pass it along?

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