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Re: DML Omnipedia stuff

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Jeff Poling wrote:

OK...If no one else is going to have a stab at this one...

>    The clade Archosauria ("ruling lizards"?) includes the Crocodylia
> ("???"), Pterosauria ("flying lizard"?), Dinosauria (including Aves),
> Thecodontia ("???") and ????

Well, it includes the: 

Crocodylia (I thought it was "Crocodilia") (="crocodiles"), 
Pterosauria ("flying lizards", 
Lagosuchia ("rabbit crocodiles"--incl. Lagosuchidae and Lagerpetonidae),
Aetosauria ("eagle lizards"--big armored herbivores), 
Phytosauria ("plant lizards," AKA Parasuchia "beside 
    crocodiles"--crocodile mimics), 
Rauisuchia ("Rau's crocodiles),
Ornithosuchia ("bird crocodiles"),
Erythrosuchia ("red crocodiles," after the red stain of the bones of the 
    first specimens),
and Proterosuchia ("first crocodiles").

There are also some odd little dinosaurlike genera (_Longisquama_, 
_Scleromochlus_) that I have never seen adequately classified.

The "Thecodontia" ("socket teeth") are a paraphyletic assemblage devised 
to hold the last eight groups (i.e. any archosaur that was not a 
dinosaur, pterosaur, or crocodilian).

The clade Archosauromorpha includes archosaurs and the following:

Protorosauria ("first lizards"),
Rhynchosauria ("beak lizards"),
and Trilophosauria ("three-crest lizards").

>    Ornithodira ("bird ankle"?) includes Dinosauria, Pterosauria and ???

"bird neck;" includes Dinosauria, Pterosauria, and Lagosuchia

>    How's this definition:  Diapsida n. ("two holes in the head"?) clade of
> animals distinguished by two temporal fenestrae, consisting of the
> Archosauria and ???

Archosauromorpha, Lepidosauromorpha (lizards, snakes, sphenodonts, 
?placodonts, ?plesiosaurs, ?nothosaurs, ?ichthyosaurs), and Eosuchia 
(early diapsids; paraphyletic, I think, although I do not have specifics)

>    What is the croc type ankle clade called, what orders are in it, and what
> does the name translate to?

Crurotarsi (?"leg ankles"):


Notice how the fact that this clade exists shoots the Thecodontia 
completely to heck.

>    (none of the above needs to be all inclusive.  Major groups will do.
> Wish I had access to better references.....)
>    Is there a feature in saurischians that they do not share with
> predentatans?  I've decided to drop Ornithischia in favor of Predentata and
> it might be a good idea to drop Saurischia for the same reasons.  What would
> be a good name?

Just very little, technical, and hard-to-discern features.  I don't like 
the name "Saurischia" either, for reasons I have mentioned before.

BTW, Stan, just a little point:  the bone is called the Predentary; 
"predentate" means "possessing a predentary".

>    I think I'm going to do a simple, static cladogram for the Omnipedia.
> Anybody have web pages with "up to date" cladograms I can put in links to?
> Also, in _The Dinosauria_, there's a clade between coelurosauria and
> maniraptora that is not identified.  It places the Elmisauridae in this
> clade.  Anybody know the name for this clade?

Be careful about relying too heavily on the cladograms in _The 
Dinosauria_, especially the theropod ones.  A lot has changed in the last 
six years.

>    Kelly Milner-Hals, I lost the address for the Dinotrekking web page.
> Pass it along?

Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447