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Darren Naish writes;

>I'm not sure this is correct, though perhaps I should've pointed it out to
>with. Komodo monitors are well known amongst us theropod fans as 'infector
>killers': the fairly large serrations on their teeth create 'pockets' in which
>assorted micro-organisms live: the dragon bites and you live, you die of
>septicemia. It's been inferred that the monitors might make a habit of killing
>in this way, and I think Bill Abel (right?) has extended this notion to

The problem with this argument is that the serrations on Rex's teeth are
rather small, compared to the size of the tooth itself.  It doesn't look
like those serrations would be able to house enough micro-organisms to put
it's prey in any real danger (at least not beyond the tooth itself)

"Don't Panic."