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Re: New ref.

Mikiel writes;

>JT Journal of geological education.
>DA JAN 01 1996 v 44 n 1
>PG   13
>AU Rossbach, Thomas Joseph
>TI Fantasia and Our Changing Views of Dinosaurs

One interpretation (I haven't read it either, but here's one possible angle)=
 could be that the dino sequence in Fantasia is how many people view=
 dinosaurs.  The idea that all dinosaurs lived at the same time=
 (_Tyrannosaurus rex_ vs. _Stegosaurus_), the idea that sauropods were=
 semi-aquatic, and the view of Rex as a rampaging monster are all brought=
 out within an animated sequence that only lasts a couple of minutes.  The=
 point of the paper may be that how we view dinos today is extremely=
 different than what it was when Fantasia was made.


"Don't Panic."