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Re: hadrosaurids/Coelophysis

From: endocrin@desktop.com.au (Graeme Worth)
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 > Up until a couple of years ago at least, hadrosauridae was a single family.
 > Recently I've seen a couple of phylogenies where Hadrosauridae and
 > Lambeosauridae were used. What is the concensus (if any) on whether
 > hadrosaurids and lambeosaurids are tribes or families, and on what basis?

Jack Horner has proposed that the non-crested and crested hadrosaurs
originated independently from different iguanodonts. If he is correct
this makes the traditionaly Hadrosauridae polyphyletic.

 > Second question: Has the ICNZ made a decision yet on the Coelophysis /
 > Rioarribasaurus arguement?

I do not see that it needs to.  The issue of whether the two are
synonyms is a matter of evidence, not of nomenclatural rules.

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