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a question about reproductive strategies, another about

I have two questions for the group:

1)  When discussing dinosaur reproductive strategies, the terms
"r-strategy" and "K-strategy" are used.  I understand the definition of the
terms (I think) but want to know what the "r-"  and the "K-" stand for, if

2)  I am trying to establish an osteological indicator of relative tracheal
length in extinct animals, and thought that a ratio of cervical length to
trunk or thoracic length would be suitable.  I'm looking for  correlates of
soft tissue structures in the respiratory system that might be presrved in
the fossil record and from which some inferences might be made about
the dimensions of tracheae, lungs, etc.  I'd appreciate some feedback
about what bony structures, landmarks, measurements, etc. might be

Thanks for any information on either of these two queries.


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