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Renaming the Saurischia

   Per Tom Holtz's suggestion, I looked for the Saurischian autapomorphies
list in the Dinosauria.  Unfortunately, some of its technical terms are
outside of what I can understand clearly.  From what I understood of them,
though, only one would be as easily recognizable to the public to the same
degree as "lizard hip" is.

   This is the autapomorphy:

   "3.  elongate caudal cervicals giving a relatively long neck."

   Given that _Land Before Time_ uses "long necks" to describe sauropods, it
shouldn't be too difficult to expand that, in people's minds, to include
theropods since most know the two groups are sister taxon (hush, George).

   So how about "long necked lizard" (what does that translate to in
Greek/Latin)?  Personally, I don't like the use of the word lizard, but I
can't think of anything else other than "long necked ancestors of birds, or
descendants of birds, depending on whether you are George Olshevsky."
(Translate THAT!)

   Hmmm.... what does "elongate caudal cervicals" translate to in Greek/Latin?

   Other candidates:

   "7.  manus more than 45 percent of the length of the humerus and radius

   gives "long handed lizard"

   "8.  distinctly asymmetrical manus, with digit II the longest"

   gives "unbalanced-hand lizard" or "long index-finger lizard" or
"finger-pointing lizard"

   "10.  heavy pollex with a very broad metacarpal"

   gives "big thumbed lizard" or "hitch-hiking lizard"

   Ideas?  Comments?

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