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muriel29@wavenet.com (a.k.a. T.A. Curtis) asked about FPA-96.  Before
we get into any sort of protracted discussion about the bill, I'd like
to point out that it has been discussed in other electronic fora
(particularly the vertebrate paleontology mailing list).  I think I've
saved copies of some of the relevant discussions if anyone wants them.
The bottom line appears to me to be that most academic paleontologists
vehemently oppose the legislation because it makes some of their
collecting harder than it currently is (particularly for those
that study microfossils) while granting easier access by commercial
dealers to federal land.

I note in passing that the Black Hills Institute (usually discussed as
though they're a bunch of saints on this list) have done some pretty
smarmy things in their attempts to drum up support for the bill.
Particulars available by request.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)