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Re: Wheelies vs Springers, and other

Roger A. Stephenson wrote:
> It just might be that a well fed T-rex could take a
> long nap, and wake up with the hadrosaur herd several miles away. A few
> wounded and stinking members would be a scent beacon. Is there even a
> remote possibility that some therapods saliva could have been actually
> poisonous? 

There's been some evidence of T rex and other big bitey-eatey-chewie-a-saurs 
leaving teeth 
stuck in prey that got away, but the teeth being left in the wounds seems to 
have the 
wound heal rather naturally around it, and if the teeth were themselves bearers 
of infectous 
deseases or venom, well, wouldn't that NOT be the case?

-Betty Cunningham