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URGENT -- Need Info on New Dinosaurs of the 90's!!!

To all:

I did not get the replies I wanted for this the first time around, so I'm
trying again.

I am trying to do a little project for school in which I illustrate new
dinosaurs described during the 90's.  I know a few of the dinosaurs I am
going to try to illustrate: _Afrovenator_, _Giganotosaurus_, _Pelecanimimus_,
_Cryolophosaurus_, _Sinraptor_, _Eoraptor_, among others.  But, overall, I
have a very poor knowledge of which dinosaurs were actually DESCRIBED during
this decade from remains which are decent enough that they can give us an
overall to very good idea of how the animal looked in life.  

Well, I have a list of NEW dinosaurs from the 90's (not renamings, etc.),
courtesy of the efforts of G.O.  (I will include _nomen nuda_, since these
are often known from decent specimens, as far as I know.]  Now, if only I
knew exactly which ones were, I repeat, known from remains decent enough that
we have an overall to very good idea of what the animal looked like in life!

If possible, can anyone knowledgable with new dinosaurs finds pick out the
taxa I am looking for?

Here is the list (a rather simplified one):


_Apatosaurus yahnahpin_*
_Archaeopteryx bavarica_
_Dilophosaurus sinensis_
_Gryposaurus latidens_
_Hypacrosaurus stebingeri_
_Lilliensternus airelensis_
_Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum_
_Melanorosaurus thabanensis_
_Prosaurolophus blackfeetensis_
_Psittacosaurus sattayaraki_
_Rhabdodon septimanicus_
_Szechuanosaurus zigongensis_
_Yingshanosaurus jichuanensis_


Or perhaps I should just buy G.O.'s book ...

Thank you, so much, in advance!

Inquisitively yours,

R.K. Clark

* indicates species that I am pretty sure about