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John McLoughlin writes;

>> Since the [ankylosaur] club probably evolved for intraspecies combat 
>first and
>> foremost, the side to side makes sense.  Any anti-predator function
>> would be icing.  
>"Where did Meyerson's "probably" come from?  Does he have evidence that 
>ankylosaurs were actually plocking one another with their tails?  Backing 
>up to one another and whacking?  Permitting one another to back up to 
>them and whack?"

When a part of an animal evolves some kind of offensive purpose, it usually is
for intraspecies combat first.  Since the clubs could do considerable damage, I
suspect that they were used in display behavior, so that the likelyhood of them
actually coming to blows would be rare.  Granted, the tails certainly could've
been used to break the knees of a predator, but this is a secondary function.


"Don't Panic."