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Re: Fossil Preservation Act posting

At 02:07 PM 2/20/96 -0500, GROSS CORY WALTER wrote:
>        IMHO, this is a very good system. It (theoretically...I have 
>heard some Dinosaur Prov. Park horror stories) stops people from 
>screwing up important finds, leaving them to the professionals. It's 
>forced responsibility, but responsibility none the less. 

   On the other hand, I've talked to other Canadian paleo types who roundly
condemn the Canadian system.  For example, important finds weathering away
to dust in Alberta because there aren't enough paleontologists around for
people (government, professional, commercial, enthusiasts or otherwise) to
legally save the specimen.  I was told of specimens of vertebrate fossils in
B.C. being lost because the local paleontologist was an invertebrate
paleontologist who 1) didn't give a flip about vert. fossils and 2) was a
neatness freak, who refused to allow plaster to touch his hands! (!!!!)

   There's three sides to every story.....

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