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new refs

Here are a few new ones.

JT Terra nova.
DA 1995 v 7 n 6
PG  630
AU Dolenec, T.
AU Pavsic, J.
TI Elemental and stable isotope variation in the Cretaceous-Tertiary
 boundary sediments from the Soca Valley, NW Slovenia

JT Geotimes.
DA FEB 01 1996 v 41 n 2
PG   31
AU Rose, Kenneth D.
AU Sues, Hans-Dieter
TI Vertebrate Paleontology

JT Scholastic scope.
DA NOV 17 1995 v 44 n 8
PG   20
TI Michael Crichton's Lost World.
SU The inside story on why the author wrote his new sequel to Jurassic

That last might be amusing...