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Still working on my list of dinosaur-related publications.
Could someone Email me complete info (title, address, phone number,
subscription cost, number of issues per year, and perhaps a one-line
commentary description) on the following:

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
Vertebrate Paleontology
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Any other publications with dino-stuff on a regular basis.

I gathered the few above names from the last dinosaur society
newsletter and may be listing the same publication under two or
more names, and probably haven't listed a dozen other "major dino mags".

By the way, I called OMNI a few minutes ago to get some information
on whether they had any dinosaur articles coming up, and the publisher
told me that OMNI had "ceased publication". That was something of a shock.

Thanks in advance for the help. Please Email me directly at
to avoid cluttering the list. And please do not assume that someone
else has already told me about YOUR favorite dino-mag.

Regards, Steve Cole