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Cretaceous Flora Illo Sources

patg@vax2.concordia.ca (Pat Grant) writes:

>[I need] information regarding population groups, size of the plants, or
>>educated guesses about growth habits...Are there any non-specialist books
>out >there which could provide a more digestible vision of [Cretaceous]

Here are two good general sources for what ails you:

1)  Tiffney, Bruce H.  "Plant Life in the Age of Dinosaurs" pp. 34-47 _In_
Padian, K., & D. Chure (eds.), "The Age of Dinosaurs: Short Courses in
Paleontology No. 2." [QE 862.D5.A34.1989].  Tiffney gives descriptions of
the local paleoenvironments in addition to a good, general rundown of the
various Mesozoic "floral" types.  No actual plant illustrations, though.

2)  Horner, Jack, & Don Lessem.  "The Complete T. rex." [QE
862.S3.H66.1993].  See Ch. 7, "The World of T. rex," for an excellent
description of the Late Cretaceous.  Contains photographs of modern
analogues of Cretaceous flora, a few fossils, and some plant

        -T.A. Curtis, Proto-paleontologist