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private collecting

Glen Kuban did a beautiful job of stating his (and mine) case of fossil
collection. I am a private collector and have a nice collection mostly of
invertebrates. I collect for my own enjoyment and that of my friends and
associates. I have had literally hundreds of people look at my collection and
be able to feel and touch the fossils. They have been used in schools that
can't afford the time or bucks to go to the nearest museum (75 miles with a
rather ratty collection). Right now a teacher is using a selection of
nautiloids to show a nice progression over time in a science course where
they teach evolution without using the work evolution so things like my show
and tell are really useful. I am also well aware what constitutes new and
exciting stuff from the more run of the mill stuff I collect. I keep good
records where I collect in time and place. So I think that my kind of
activities have been at service, sure to me, but even moreso to the people
that I associate with.

paul sparks