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     A few questions:

1) what are the most up to date length and mass estimates for Herrerasaurus?
2) What is Scott D. Sampson of the Universitry of Toronto's e-mail 
adress?  I want to ask him for permission to use his Einiosaurus and 
Achelosaurus photographs and reconstructions in a web site.
3) Could someone give me the reference for the Cryolophosaurus paper?
4) In DINOSAURS PAST & PRESENT, there is a painting by Dougless Henderson 
showing two Einiosaurus floating dead in a river.  The caption calls them 
"Styracosaurus makaeli".  Is this a name that was published somewhere, or 
did Henderson or the Czerkas make it up for the book?
5) Has anything been published anywhere on Einiosaurus and Achelousaurus 
other than Scott Sampsons paper in JVP?

Thanks in advance,

LN Jeff